Spring Dishes from Our Kitchen


From left to right, top to bottom.

1. Kid Goat Stuffed with Spinach and Mushrooms with Beetroot Terrine and Spring Vegetables.

2. Halibut, Geoduck Clam Chowder, Asparagus Samphire and Parsley Purée

3. Cauliflower ‘Polonaise’ 

4. Monkfish with Parsley, Samphire, Wild Garlic Chicken Wing Kiev and Wild Garlic Gnocchi 

5. Rose Veal Rump Shin with Osso Buco Sauce, Parsley Quinoa, Onion Top Purée, Heritage Carrots & Red Mustard Leaves

6. Halibut with Parsley Sauce, Wild Garlic Gnocchi and Chicken Wing Kiev

7. Turbot with Violet Potatoes, Asparagus and Potted Shrimp

8. Venison, Kale, Watercress, Cocoa Nib, Salsify, Beetroot and Pearled Barley

9. Chicken with Crispy Skin, Wild Garlic, Celeriac and Smoked Wensleydale Gnocchi

5 Things You Didn't Know About Losehill...


Our a la carte menu changes daily. Our dinner menu has a selection of six delicious choices for each course, including vegetarian options. Our resident guests enjoy this format and rarely find their selection an easy one with such varied dishes.


Our spa uses luxurious ESPA and Thalgo products. We use Thalgo’s range of expert marine products and ESPA’s luxurious natural skincare products to offer powerful healing, revitalising and relaxing spa treatments. We have also been awarded the Thalgo Platinum Spa Award in 2012 and 2013 for excellence in beauty.


Our Orangery Restaurant has its own vegetable garden. As part of our dedication to using locally-sourced produce, in 2014 we planted the garden at Losehill House. After a successful first season, the venture has proven viable and so our guests will hopefully be enjoying home-grown produce for years to come.


We have been awarded the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark. This is awarded to businesses who put pride in the Peak District at the heart of their operations, who actively help safeguard and improve the Peak District environment and heritage and who add to the wellbeing of their communities.


Each of our bedrooms are unique. Losehill House has 23 beautifully appointed four star en-suite bedrooms and suites - all with flat screen TV and DVD and free Wi-Fi access, plus robes and slippers for the spa. Most of our rooms also offer extensive views over the National Park nestled between Lose Hill and Win Hill.

Recent Dishes This Winter


Top Left: Halibut with Kale Mussel Broth and Purple Potato Dumplings.

Top Middle: Ribeye and Oxtail with Ox Cheek and Potato Terrine.

Top Right: Goose with Roasted Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts.

Bottom Left: Rose Veal Rump, Osso Buco, Gremolata Wafer, Parsley and Beetroot.

Bottom Middle: Venison with Salsify, Cocoa, Watercress and Celeriac Risotto.

Bottom Right: Oxtail with Horseradish Ice Cream, Watercress Pearls and Oxtail Consommé.

Recent Dishes this Autumn

It's been a busy autumn so far in our Orangery Restaurant, with weddings and celebrations to cater for as well as our everyday dining. Take a look below at some of the dishes that we've produced over the past couple of months. Remember our menu changes daily, and we always have around 6 options for each course.

TL: Saddle and Shoulder of Cabrito Goat Meat, with Melting Cauliflower, Ticklemore Goats Cheese and Beetroot Potato Terrine.

TR: Baby Pumpkin with Dovedale Blue Soufflé, Autumn Vegetables and Jerusalem Artichoke Reduction.

ML: Bass with Purple Cauliflower 'Risotto', Potted Shrimp and Samphire.

MR: Chicken with Crispy Skin, Gnocchi, Parsley and Courgettes.

BL: Grouse with Braised Leg, Savoy Bonbon, Celeriac, Red Cabbage, Pickled Blackberry and Watercress.

BM: Saddle, Shoulder and Rack of Cabrito Goat Meat with Smoked Beetroot Puree and Pomme Anna.

Losehill House Suppliers Win Award

Our Orangery restaurant is known for supporting independent businesses by sourcing unique, high quality produce to use in our dishes. One such supplier that we've been using for a while is Cabrito Goat Meat, in Devon. Owned by James Whetlor and Sushila Moles, Cabrito Goat Meat do not breed goats; instead they take the billies from the dairy industry and supply them to restaurant, and so helping to end the industry practice of culling males at birth.

The business has recently won The Observer Food Monthly 2014 Award for Best Producer, and we're delighted to be the only Derbyshire restaurant serving this amazing meat. The kitchen team here at Losehill House, headed by Chef Darren Goodwin, have created delicious dishes with Cabrito Goat Meat’s produce such as ‘Slow Roast Leg of Goat with Pommes Boulangere and Grilled Romanesco Broccoli’ and ‘Loin and Shoulder of Goat with Melting Broccoli and Brock Hall Farm’s Joie de Chèvre Sauce’. 

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