British Food Fortnight

Across the country, #BritishFoodFortnight is currently taking place – an annual, national celebration of British Food and Drink. The fortnight was set up in 2002 by Love British Food, an umbrella organisation who give advice to chefs, restaurants, farmers and the public on producing and eating British food. It was actually conceived of as a response to the Foot and Mouth outbreak – a way to restore people’s confidence in our own produce following the crisis.

Over the past thirteen years, the fortnight has grown into a nationwide festival celebrating everything to do with our vast heritage surrounding food. We are lucky as a country to have a wide range of indigenous fruits and vegetables, wild game, fish, and livestock, and excellent standards when it comes to sustainable farming and animal welfare.

British Food at Losehill House

As you may know, at Losehill House we change our menu on a daily basis. This is because we create our meals using seasonal produce and unique ingredients found in local markets. Our chef, Darren Goodwin, conjures up something new based on what he can find each morning! We also have our own vegetable garden, just through the door from our kitchen. This means our herbs and vegetables are picked only moments before being prepared.

So while every day for us is a British food day, we’re really happy that this fortnight is so widely celebrated and are very happy to support it!

Read more about where we source our food.

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