A selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes...

Each year, October 1st marks the kick-off of Vegetarian Awareness Month throughout the world. This is a month for vegetarians to spread awareness about their lifestyle, and for non-vegetarians to have a go at giving up meat for one month (or simply reduce their intake.)

At Losehill House, we're always sure to have a choice of creative vegetarian options on the menu. We also regularly experiment with vegan options, which go down a treat! Whether you're a devout veggie or not, we can really recommend trying a vegetarian main course. Many of our vegetables are grown here in our garden, so they're as fresh and flavoursome as you can get.

some of our vegetarian/Vegan Creations

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Pea, asparagus and pearl barley
  2. Baby pumpkin, dovedale blue soufflé, Autumn vegetables and artichoke reduction
  3. BBQ Losehill radicchio, apples, celery and chive
  4. Beetroot, pearl barley, butterut squash, watercress, grilled leek
  5. Celeriac 'risotto', smoked artichoke dumplings, baby globe artichoke, truffle dressing
  6. Crispy egg, cauliflower 'risotto', artichoke, spinach and parsley
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