Recent Dishes from Our Kitchen

With our à la carte menu changing daily, we always have a good selection of food photos to share! Each evening we have a selection of around 6 dishes to choose from for each course, with vegetarian options available. We also try our best to cater for any special dietary requirements. Here we've put together a selection of dishes that have featured in our Orangery Restaurant recently.

The dishes are as follows (ordered top left to top right, bottom left to bottom right):

Bass, cauliflower risotto, charred and pickled cucumber and Borage flowers with parsley purée

Bass, purple cauliflower 'risotto', potted shrimp and samphire

BBQ'd sirloin, oxtail galette and onion with Old Winchester and nasturtium

Courgettes, girolles, onion and goats curd

Cutlet and BBQ'd shoulder of goat meat, courgette purée, girolles, yellison goats curd and broad beans

Hake, squid ink chips, samphire and parsley





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