2-Day Mindfulness Retreat For Health & Wellness

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Join us at Losehill House for one of our upcoming mindfulness retreats, designed to improve overall health and wellness…

So many of us are immersed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, rushing around, spinning plates and often having to play catch-up. Too much stress and pressure can often have an impact on our physical and mental well being.

Mindfulness Retreats for Health and Wellness will offer you time for relaxation, personal growth and most importantly the time-out you deserve. These 2-Day Retreat’s will give you the opportunity to take some time away from your busy life, returning home feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Those attending one of our our 2-day mindfulness retreat can expect the following…

  • What is Mindfulness and what are the benefits of using Mindfulness? Learning how to be present in the here and now, rather than over worrying the 'What ifs' and over thinking the past. It brings awareness and care in to everything we do and say.

  • Understanding our thoughts and how to manage negative thoughts

  • The three way emotional system and how this impacts on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours

  • Choosing and using anchors in meditation and their benefits

  • Learning how to relax by using a range of breathing techniques

  • Learning to manage stress, tension and anxiety

  • Mindfulness eating

  • Relaxing visualisation to music

You can view the full itinerary by clicking the link below.

We have three dates available for our retreats; 21st January, 25th February and 25th March 2019. Each retreat starts at 10am on Day 1 and ends at 6pm on Day 2. The cost for the full two days is just £275.00 per person, however places are limited so do be quick if you wish to join us.

For a booking form, or more information please contact Annabel on 07956 654473, or via email at annabelashley888@gmail.com.

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