Autumn Dishes 2015

Autumn is certainly in full swing here at Losehill House – we’re waking up to morning mists falling over the surrounding hills, and the trees in our grounds are looking beautiful with their red and gold leaves. The season has also had an effect on our a-la-carte menu, which changes daily depending on what’s available at our local markets.

We’re currently creating lots of hearty, warming dishes using seasonal vegetables such as squash and celeriac. Look out for hare on our menu too – with a unique earthy, ‘wild’ taste, this is the perfect accompaniment to the colder weather.

Left to right:

  1. Goosnargh duck, cavolo nero, trompettes, spaghetti squash, broccoli
  2. Saddle and braised shoulder of hare, celeriac, beets, cavolo nero, mustard and cocoa nib
  3. Lamb cutlets, Rosemary and oat crust, pressed shoulder, hotpot croquette yellison goats curd, red cabbage puree
  4. Hake, black quinoa, shrimps, dashi jelly, wild rice, coriander
  5. Salt baked celeriac, chick pea, girolles, parsley
  6. Dover sole, quinoa, shrimps, sorre
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